domenica 19 febbraio 2012

white room

dash snow

Emilio show me this book some time ago. great material, great color, great style.

asian conceptions

giovedì 9 febbraio 2012


Certo eravamo giovani, eravamo arroganti, eravamo ridicoli, eravamo eccessivi, eravamo avventati, ma avevamo ragione

party , July 2009


BUNKER is a party that was founded in early 2011, by Daniel Verzeroli and Simone Pedrocchi.

The project is influenced by various interests; the contemporary art, the Chicago house, Dogtown, rock n roll, Berlin, visual art, Federico Fellini, the Detroit techno, underground vision,traditional tattoo, East London, rave, hardcore punk culture, 70's, psychedelic rock, club culture, vintage motorcycles, San francisco jazz,old school,..

this is a lifestyle

constantly looking for an eclectic, experimental, different sound

piazza uccelli, Clusone (BG) , Italy

avanti veloce avanti veloce

dr martens for life

 everything goes my way